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                          中國建筑業協會是經國家民政部注冊登記具有法人資格的非營利性社會團體。業務主管單位國家住建部。成立于198610,當時名為中國建筑業聯合會,后改為現在的名稱。中國建筑業協會是全國各地區、各產業部門,從事土木工程、建筑工程、線路管道和設備安裝工程及裝修工程活動的企事業單位、教育科研機構、地區建筑業協會、產業部門建設協會,以及有關專業人士自愿參加組成的全國性行業組織。 2009年被民政部審定為AAAAA級全國性行業協會。
                             材料分會官方網站 www.mxx.tw、《中國建材應用》會刊、《中國建筑材料通訊(電子版半月刊)》和微信公眾平臺并定期出版《中國建筑驕子全國建筑工程選材指南》等,及時報道協會、行業及會員單位的最新動態,是對外展示的窗口,是企業之間交流的平臺,是獲取信息的重要渠道。


                          China Construction Industry Association (CCIA) is a non-profit social group with corporate capacity, registered at Ministry of Civil Affairs of People’s Republic of China, and is supervised by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of People’s Republic of China. It was established in October 1986 with name as China Construction Industry Union, and it was renamed as the current one later.
                          As a national industrial organization, CCIA’s members include enterprises, education and scientific research institutions, local construction industry associations, and construction associations of various industry sectors carrying the businesses of civil engineer, construction engineer, installation project of pipelines and equipment, and decoration around China and across various industrial sectors, as well as related professionals voluntarily participated in the Association. It was evaluated as a national industrial association with AAAAA rank by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2009.
                          China Construction Industry Association Material Association (MA for short) was established in July 1985. It is a professional association directly subordinates to CCIA, and it has the social role as China Quality Association Material Customer Committee.
                          In compliance with the Constitution, laws, regulations, and related policies of China and the Party, MA has been dedicated to abide social morality and professional ethics, to provide services to the government and enterprises, to coordinate and promote the business communication and cooperation among members, to exchange information from all over the country, to reflect the requirements and wishes of members, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of construction materials industry, to introduce enterprises of certain social influence to become a member of the association, to play the role of the bridge between the enterprise and the government actively, and to promote the healthy development of the construction industry.
                          The business scope of MA includes industry survey, consulting service, cooperation and communication, and business training. Meanwhile, MA holds conferences for referral and communication of new material, new product and new technique according to the need of business, as well as reports the excellent products and excellent projects of excellent enterprises to China National Customer Committee as A Unit with High Satisfaction by National Customer.
                          MA has established five platforms--science and technology promotion center, building material application center, China building material selection base, legal consulting center, and Teleyi online retailer trading platform for building material.
                          The official website of MA www.mxx.tw, the journal “Application of Building Materials in China”, “News Report of Application of Building Materials in China (e-version semimonthly)” and the public platform of WeChat will report the news of the association, industry and member units. They are a window to display, a platform for communication among enterprises, and an important medium for getting information.
                          With the deepening of the reform, China Construction Industry Association Material Association will keep developing, seek for excellence, explore and innovate, so as to improve the service function of the industry association constantly.
                          Address: 2F Building 3, Court 69, Jinding North Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing
                          Postcode: 100041
                          Landline: 010-83552859,64097285
                          Fax: 010-83552859,64097385
                          Email: [email protected],[email protected]
                          Website: www.mxx.tw